Automatic Packaging Machinery


Production overview
50/SA, 70/SA Monochannel
Semi-automatic bagging machine, for EPS, ABS, P.E., or P.P. thermoformed trays.
Products are manually loaded by an operator
50/A Multichannel
Automatic, horizontal bagging machine, for EPS, ABS, P.E. or P.P. thermoformed trays.
Multirow, automatic infeed, with ‘brushless’ motors, to ensure consistent and extremely precise movements.
Tray-MaxiSac 120/A
The best way to have a multiple and over wrapped final pack, for easy transport: the feeding system stacks the already packed trays (1st wrapping made by the machine Tray 50A) one on top of the other, and the pusher places this final bundle into the tie-shaped forming tool of MaxiSac machine, obtaining a strong polyethylene bag.

Tray-Utility 50/AC
Avvolgitrice automatica per piatti e bicchieri termoformati a chiusura totale con saldatore laterale per film di P.E. e P.P. Utility is manufactured in batches, with the best relation quality-price. It can be used for bagging only or, if combined with shrink tunnel, it can produce a totally enclosed and shrunk pack.