Production overview
Adding Unit/Conveyors
Adding unit, to convey into a single channel products coming from two lines.
Conveyor belts, designed to move with extreme care, along the lines, all kind of tissue products, and studied to properly manage all accumulations of upstream machines.

Microsac 30 AC, Minisac 50 AC
Automatic wrapping machine for total enclosure, with continuous side sealer for PE and PP films, specialised for tissue products. High production speeds. Shrunk final packages, thanks to the combination with shrink tunnel.
RS 100
Cellophaning machine for single rolls, giving  a new and patented final packaging: the film in excess at roll heads  is sealed and removed, instead of being folded. Successively, the heads are lightly shrunk. The final package is a total innovation in the market, because it allows the printing on roll side, without any alteration due to the shrunk; it defines a new aesthetical standard for single rolls.
Up-ender / Stacker
Unit for turning the rolls and placing them in standing position; the stacker for industrial toilet paper rolls can be included into the up-ender frame or separately supplied.
H 120, 130, 150 SA/A
Two reels wrapping machines, extremely versatile models, equipped with shrink tunnels. Production of bundles, at speeds higher than traditional two-reels wrapping machines ones.
Medisac 80 A/AC
Automatic wrapping machine for total enclosure of final pack, equipped with feeding system specialised for tissue bundles. High production  speeds. Shrunk final packages, if the machine is combined with a shrink tunnel.
Casepacker MD2010, MD 2110
Automatic horizontal case-packer, for American type cartons of  medium and large sizes. It stands out because its reduced dimensions, easy functioning, reliability  and  fast format change. To the machine main body it is always connected a feeding system, specifically studied and dedicated to comply with requirements (collations and speeds) of each single tissue products.
Pal Wrap
Cartesian axles palletiser, suitable to palletise all kinds of tissue products including single rolls, packed in film or in carton boxes. It includes a wrapping station for pre-pulled stretch film and the system to place a carton flat pad, the double pallet and the top final enclosure with polyethylene cover: quality and flexibility in reduced spaces.
Pal Robot
Anthropomorphic palletiser, at 4-5 axles, suitable to palletise tissue products up to the height of 3 meters. The use of  multiple pick-up grippers allows an extended versatility in the layer creation. The pallet is then translated to the stretch wrapping station.
The great care and attention we have for our customers needs, brought us to include in our full automatic lines some solutions that go beyond packaging, as handle applicators and plug applicators.