Automatic Packaging Machinery


Service support

Mac Due machines are renowned for their robust, high quality build, ease of maintenance and durability, but as we all know, to keep machines running efficiently they need regular maintenance. Mac Due Ltd can provide as much assitance as you require, whether this is just a small spare part, or a yearly service contract.

Spare parts

Genuine Mac Due parts will keep your machinery running the way it is designed. We offer the complete range of spares at very competitive prices with prompt and efficient delivery. Whether you need a replacement manual or a spare seal jaw - call us - we can help.


Sometimes the unexpected happens meaning you need an engineer on site fast. We have a network of friendly, efficient and competent engineers who will be able to sort your problem out and get your machine running in no time. Our rates are also very reasonable and we don't add extra mileage charges.

Service contracts

Have you noticed that you machine is not performing the same as the day it was installed? more often than not this is because the machine has not had regular care resulting in build ups of dirt, settings not being correct and so on. We can provide a tailor made service plan to suit your partiicular requirements and usage levels. These visits can be carried out in your down time so as not to affect production. In addition, service contract holders also get discounts on spare parts prices.