Automatic Packaging Machinery

Insulation Panels

Production overview
Panel Stacker
Automatic machine to stack insulating panels: fast and very precise movements create the stack of panels. Even if this machine works with very large panels, its dimensions are quite reduced, and allow its easy placement in line with other production machines.
H 150, 200, 250
Two-reels shrink wrapping machines, simple, economical and versatile; especially suitable for wrapping rock-wool and glass-wool panels, and those products standing the passage inside a shrink tunnel. Packages can be sleeve wrapped or totally closed, by overlapping the film to the sides and melting it while passing into the shrink tunnel.
Tirafilm 150
Two reels automatic machine, for groups of boards and panels. The film is stretched around the products to achieve complete security and stability of the pack. Products are wrapped leaving two sides open or only banded together.
Maxisac 80, 120, 150
The best way to guarantee maximum protection for polystyrene boards or any other insulation materials. Total enclosure of the pack by overlapping the film underneath the product. The machine operates with a single reel, that can be easily load.
System for coupling the film (international patent)
Optional units for Maxisac models. This system operates starting from two reels of simple film and couples them in order to obtain, at packaging machine infeed, a centre-folded film. Usually a 1200 x 1600 mm panel needs to be wrapped with a centre-folded film having a width of mm 1900 (open is 3800 mm). These big dimensions create problems in handling such big and heavy film reels, with consequent problems in inserting the film through the tie-shaped tool passages, in printing the film, and with difficulties in connecting the ended up reel with the new one.
This system for coupling the film gives the possibility to use two reels of simple film having a width of mm 1900 (instead of 1 reel of mm 3800) solving all the above mentioned problems; it moreover doubles the machine autonomy. The system is equipped with a sealer to connect film edges, reducing in a drastic way the times for reel replacement. This system can be connected to all Maxisac models, new and old ones.


Optionals for Maxisac 100, 120, 150 and Tirafilm 150