Automatic Packaging Machinery



Packaging machines designed to meet any requirement in the industrial laundry sector.

Our experience

In 1986 Mac Due was the first to become interested in the problem of packaging garments cleaned in industrial laundries.  Over the last twenty years, Mac Due has studied a range of simple solutions to the varying problems confronting this sector, and in 2006 reached a total of 400 machines sold. 

The two-reel model was an immediate commercial success. Installed downstream of several mangles it packages different-sized products without down time required for changing formats.

Installation of the contrast of cross sealer concealed beneath made it possible to package stacks of napkins; these typically unstable products in the past would disband during passage over the sealer counter plate.

Mac Due was the first company to employ steam, a low-cost energy resource commonly available in industrial laundries. By means of a pressure reducer it can generate a temperature of up to 145°, which, combined with a minimum use of electricity, can power the shrink wrapping ovens.

We are especially proud that our efforts in this sector have made Mac Due a recognized name in packaging machines in the industrial laundry sector.

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