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Sleeve sealers are primarily designed to wrap multiple or individual products securely for transit. The machinery is extremely simple in its standard concept meaning it is extremely versatile, easy to use and reliable. The process involves putting a sleeve of film around the product, and then shrinking this down in a shrink tunnel to follow the form of the product. The force in the shrunk film is variable depending upon film thickness to suit all applications.

The sleeve wrapped products have many benefits over other packaging: cost effective, robust, easy to dispose of and comparatively environmentally friendly. Sleeve wrap is strong enough to hold multiple items such as liquid filled bottles together, or protect single items as large as double beds from damage during transit.

Our sleeve sealer range is second to none. It comprises standard machines for the more common applications, as well as completely bespoke machinery to suit your particular needs. Our range is probably the broadest available anywhere. We have huge experience of all sorts of products, from empty bottles to double beds to tractor spares to Christmas trees – and even the good old kitchen sink. It is fair to say that whatever your product we have done it before, and more importantly done it before successfully!

In line automatic sleeve sealer


We are able to offer the most modern machinery available due to our continued process of machinery improvement. Features that give you, the customer, real advantages. Listed below are a few, and the benefits they give you.

Automatically width adjusting side sealers

To get the perfectly presented pack we now offer continuous motion, automatically width-adjusting side sealers. Effectively they seal and trim the sides of the sleeve creating a totally enclosed bag just the right size for the product. When shrunk in the tunnel the end result is free of the melted film on the sides. This means you can feed randomly sized products, one after the other, and obtain a perfect looking pack every time!

Motor driven jaws

On wider jaws we employ a motor drive with twin rack and pinion transfer to ensure we have a consistent pressure along the length of the jaw. This ensures that you have a reliable seal every time. You can run the temperature at the ideal level ensuring you do not have build up of film on the jaw. which would otherwise lead to a burst seal or not separating one product from the next. You spend less time maintaining the machine – and products are more securely wrapped.

Industrial sleeve sealer shrink wrappers

High speed motor driven jaws

For the faster application we have developed a high speed seal jaw, powered by 2 servo motors connected by con rods. The jaw can go up and down very quickly in a smooth manner, while still remaining in the sealing position for long enough to create a strong seal. A very smooth high-speed machine that gives real benefits.

Heated top and bottom jaws

Essentially allows the seal jaw to remain in the stationary sealing position for as short a time as possible, resulting in higher throughput speeds which have particular benefits when wrapping larger items with thicker films.

Industrial sleeve sealer shrink wrappers

The range

The range of sleeve sealing and shrink wrapping equipment is one of the largest available anywhere. It includes semi automatic machines, in-line automatic machines, in line automatic machines with side sealers, side feed machines for collations and so on; jaw widths from 500mm to 2500mm are available, so give us a call to discuss your options.

Side sealer brochure