Automatic Packaging Machinery



Utility 50/Laundry

Total enclosure automatic bagging machine, with side sealing system for P.E. or P.P. film. Utility is manufactured in batches, with the best relation quality-price. It can be used for bagging only or, if combined with a shrink tunnel, it can produce a totally enclosed and shrunk pack.


  • It holds, in its simplicity, 25 years of Mac Due’s experience
  • great versatility in formats
  • very good price if compared to machine quality and efficiency
Sizes are easily adjusted using calibrated hand wheels; the length of the product is automatically sensed by the machine; machine uses a centre folded film reel, that can be equipped with film perforator.

View of side sealer for P.E. film.

Front view of C-shaped forming tool: the final bag total enclosure assures products hygiene.