Automatic Packaging Machinery



Tray-MaxiSac 120/A

The best way to have a multiple and over wrapped final pack, for easy transport: the feeding system stacks the already packed trays (1st wrapping made by the machine Tray 50A) one on top of the other, and the pusher places this final bundle into the tie-shaped forming tool of MaxiSac machine, obtaining a strong polyethylene bag.


  • Improved positions of all access points for maintenance and adjustments (very important in big machines)
  • Optional “stretch film system” to compact the multiple pack with stretch film. During transport it can be used as an handle too.
  • Optional “System for coupling the film” giving many advantages in terms of productivity and friendly use of the machine Tray-MaxiSac.
Film is wrapped around a forming tool (tie-shaped) and sealed in the front and back and also along the underside of the product. The film feed is inverter controlled to ensure that film feed speed is matched to that of the infeed conveyor. The forming tool is fully adjustable by hand wheel to allow quick changeover from one product size to another.

View of the pack obtained by using Tray-MaxiSac