Automatic Packaging Machinery




Cellophaning machine for single rolls, giving  a new and patented final packaging: the film in excess at roll heads  is sealed and removed, instead of being folded. Successively, the heads are lightly shrunk. The final package is a total innovation in the market, because it allows the printing on roll side, without any alteration due to the shrunk; it defines a new aesthetical standard for single rolls.


  • New “image” packaging, patented, for single roll
  • Very high production speeds
  • A little jewel of technology and mechanical solutions
The new single roll, nicknamed by Mac Due “the 3rd roll”, is the natural point of meeting between the length of the industrial towel roll and the aesthetics of the kitchen roll. Mac Due tailored this roll a new dress: the roll side can be printed without suffering any alteration, using the cellophaning wrapping system. The heads are on the other side perfectly sealed and shrunk solving at once both the aesthetics problems and those connected to the palletisation of single rolls.

Detail of the cellophaning area: the film is pulled around the roll side and sealed underneath. All movements are controlled by “surgical drivers” with brush-less motors.

View of the shrinking units: a blade blowing hot air shrinks only the roll heads giving a perfect aesthetic result; it replaces the traditional folding system typical of cellophaning machines.
Exasperated technology both in the components (Elau motors) and in the managing software. High speeds are guaranteed by 17 brush-less motors.
Detail of cutting unit.
View of touch-screen control panel, from where all format adjustments and movement speeds can be controlled.