Pal Wrap

Cartesian axles palletiser, suitable to palletise all kinds of tissue products including single rolls, packed in film or in carton boxes. It includes a wrapping station for pre-pulled stretch film and the system to place a carton flat pad, the double pallet and the top final enclosure with polyethylene cover: quality and flexibility in reduced spaces.


  • high production speeds
  • it palletises also single rolls
  • all various palletising solutions, required by the tissue market, in reduced spaces
The PalWrap creates the layer and then the grippers place it directly over the pallet, on the rotary table where a stretch wrapper immediately wraps it, in such a way production speed is very high and even single rolls can be palletised, without any risk of falling and disbanding. To satisfy all markets demands, PalWrap has been also equipped with: carton placer, top placer and double pallet.

Detail of the layer creation; bundles and cartons can be orientate as required by the customer, thanks to a special pneumatic movement


View of the pallet station: at foreground the cartons storing area and on the right side a layer ready to be collected by the grippers.
Detail of the pallet automatic vertical storing area: it can be loaded with empty pallets without stopping the productive cycle.
Double pallet at the exit of PalWrap, already wrapped and ready to be shipped.
Touch-screen panel, it allows to recall all various formats of layer creation, previously memorised and to control all speeds of the machine.