Pal Robot

Anthropomorphic palletiser, at 4-5 axles, suitable to palletise tissue products up to the height of 3 meters. The use of multiple pick-up grippers allows an extended versatility in the layer creation. The pallet is then translated to the stretch wrapping station.


  • maximum versatility in the pallet creation
  • it can handle various entering lines
  • whole flexibility of an anthropomorphic robot, with 4 axles
The robot, placed at the middle of a strong structure, can accept products coming from various lines and palletise them in a specific station. The grippers, with multiple pick-up system, allow the collection of 3 products at the same time, and their placement one by one, over the pallet in the required position.

Detail of the stretch wrapping station.


Empty pallets are stored in areas easily reachable by the Robot grippers.
A full pallet at the exit of stretch wrapping station, ready to be shipped.
Mac Due warehouse during the assembly of No.3 Pal Robots.