Microsac 30 AC, Minisac 50 AC

Automatic wrapping machine for total enclosure, with continuous side sealer for PE and PP films, specialised for tissue products. High production speeds. Shrunk final packages, thanks to the combination with shrink tunnel.


  • Studied to reply to tissue market various demands
  • Great versatility in formats
  • Production high speeds, thanks to its moving sealing bar
When in 2000, the single roll package appeared on all supermarket shelves, the market requirements started calling for a final packaging having an “ image” and at a speed of 20/25 rolls per minute, increasing it in the following years firstly at 30 rolls per minute, then 40 and 45, up to the current one of 55-60 rolls per minute. Mac Due “tailored the roll” proceeding attentively along these requirements and improving the model MINISAC by replacing those pneumatic movements of the moving sealer firstly by using motors with inverters and then brush-less motors. The structure and frame of the machine developed consequently, and it has been equipped with a virtual cam motor, in order to obtain very harmonious movements, although high speed cycles. MiniSac also places two rolls side by side, and wrap them into a bi-pack, and it runs the medical sheet rolls. It can be equipped with a system for centring the print, a labels distributor or self-adhesive labels applicator.

Front view of “C-shaped” forming tool: products are hygienically guaranteed, as final pack is completely closed. Fast and comfortable formats change-over, by means of hand-wheels; automatic detection of products different lengths.

Detail of a product outgoing the shrink tunnel.
Detail of the system to place two rolls side by side, and place them at gap.
Detail of labels distributor.