Medisac 80 A/AC

Automatic wrapping machine for total enclosure of final pack, equipped with feeding system specialised for tissue bundles. High production speeds. Shrunk final packages, if the machine is combined with a shrink tunnel.


  • hygienically guaranteed products, as final pack is completely closed
  • versatility in formats
  • high production speeds
Tissue market continuously requires higher and higher production speeds and final packages as nicer as possible, to be delivered to Cash&Carry shops; Mac Due, as an alternative to the traditional two-reels wrapping machines, presents the model MediSac, suitable to obtain completely closed and aesthetically nicer final bundles. The bundle preparation is made in a “Z-shaped path”, by means of pushers.

View of the area where products are inserted into the wrapping shaped tool, equipped with continuous side sealer. Fast and comfortable formats change-over, by means of hand-wheels. Automatic labels distributor or, as an alternative, system for centring the print with marks reader, when printed film is used.

Detail of sealing bar.