Automatic Packaging Machinery

Insulation Panels


Maxisac 80, 120, 150

The best way to guarantee maximum protection for polystyrene boards or any other insulation materials. Total enclosure of the pack by overlapping the film underneath the product. The machine operates with a single reel, that can be easily load.


  • For total enclosure of the pack
  • Improved positions of all access points for maintenance and adjustments
    (very important in big machines)
  • The presence of a mechanic pusher guarantees the film smoothness even around these big tie-shaped forming tool, and with very light products
The product is driven into the machine by powered infeed conveyor belts; a mechanical central pusher enables even SHORT items (with lengths of less than 1000 mm) to be packed with no product distortion.
Film is wrapped around a forming tool (tie-shaped) and sealed in the front and back and also along the underside of the product. The film feed is inverter controlled to ensure that film feed speed is matched to that of the infeed conveyor. The forming tool is fully adjustable by hand wheel to allow quick changeover from one product size to another.