H 120, 130, 150 SA/A

Two reels wrapping machines, extremely versatile models, equipped with shrink tunnels. Production of bundles, at speeds higher than traditional two-reels wrapping machines ones.


  • very good relationship between price and quality
  • versatile and easy to handle; despite its simplicity, it is subject with difficulty to breakdowns.
  • high speeds, thanks to new and important motorised movements
A motorised conveyor feeds the 90° pusher with rolls. The pusher forms the bundle and then inserts it into the wrapping/sealing area. Some companies located in developing countries and/or for some nostalgic reasons, still require these traditional two-reels wrappers: Mac Due to positively face the market high speed requirements, planned and introduced technological innovations into these models until reaching the exceptional speeds of 15-20 packages per minute.

To run high speeds, the pusher has been equipped with a motor with encoder and the sealing bar exploits a new moving system.

Detail of a bundle outgoing the shrink tunnel.