Adding Unit/Conveyors

Adding unit, to convey into a single channel products coming from two lines.Conveyor belts, designed to move with extreme care, along the lines, all kind of tissue products, and studied to properly manage all accumulations of upstream machines.


  • full compliance with the speeds required by the production line
  • versatility in formats
  • very good relationship between quality and price
Mac Due, supplying full packaging installations, became specialized in planning personalised lines and layout floor plans, to meet all special needs and requirements of each customer: conveyor lines are projected to properly use and optimise the available space and to organise the storing areas for all various packaging machines. To assure the operators the maximum accessibility to all machines included in the lines, Mac Due employs special conveyors, equipped with tyres, and/or shaped as “drawbridges” Mac Due moreover inserts in its lines some bypass conveyors, to extend the packaging machines working lives.

Detail of the moving channel of adding unit.
Detail of pack blocking plate of one of the two entering lines of adding unit.